Arda A.I. Portfolio


Salutations! I’m Arda Adam Irmak, a game designer living in Fairfax, VA. I’m on the search for opportunities in a game designer or adjacent position, I also have experience in and am open to QA & narrative design roles!


Genre: Horror | 1st Person | Narrative

Studio: Zonex Entertainment Studios

Team Size: 30

Engine: Unreal Engine 4 (C++)

My Contributions:

 Gameplay Mechanics Design

• Narrative Content Design 

• Level Design

Intergalactic Education

Genre: Educational Game | Simulation

Studio: Intergalactic Education LLC

Team Size: 15

Engine: Unity (C#)

My Contributions:

 QA Feedback & Analysis

• Design Documentation &  Design Support 


Isles of Ferum

Genre: 2D Puzzle | Adventure Game

Studio: Aegis Studios

Team Size: 9

Engine: Unity (C#)

My Contributions:

 • Game Design & Art Lead

 • Production Lead

 • Narrative Design